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  • Hongda Composite Bearing Co., Ltd.

    Talent Resources

            Enterprises’ competition actually lies in product and technology, especially in talent. Therefore, the company always attaches great importance to the fostering and selection of talent in the strategy of “Attract Talent, Foster Talent, Make Best of Talent”.

            The company regards human resources as the first resource of enterprise and a determining factor for the enterprise development. In fostering of talent, the company has established a complete and systematic training system, makes the commitment of providing various trainings for the all-around development of talent on technology and ability, and implements the matched performance assessment system to provide objective and reliable basis for reward and promotion of staff. The company, always adhering to the talent management of “Talent-employed, Ability-oriented”, aims to provide a comfortable and organized environment, making talent fully display their abilities.

            In Hongda, if you were a tercel, you would find a wide blue sky and; a steed would freely run in grasslands. The company makes efforts to provide conditions for every staff, and facilitate them to realize the individual values to the largest extent and enjoy sense of achievement and sense of satisfaction in work. The company also implements the employment system of “Competitive Employment, Last Elimination”, really achieving fair competition and survival of the fittest.